Mash-up of current explorations

This is a group of various work from a number of projects. This has been in progress for the past year. The statues, architecture, and floral work was developed for a potential series for medical clinics across the island of Singapore.

The featured image is the start to a series of work of a composite of images of eastern and western cultures interacting. This is comprised of a number of photographs taken over a few decades of traveling throughout the world.

Finally, the colorful  work with the high amount of texture is a current project of experimenting with oil pastel and acrylic paint with print transfers on masonite board. It is a influence of Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Hope you enjoy and I will continue to add more work as it comes in.


Re-Mix of Acrylic painting series of Chinese Elements

I had a number of paintings from the Chinese Elements series that I wanted to renovate and play with. I want to loosen up my style and add some abstract qualities to the work and see where it takes me. I plan to try this out with another part of the series that does not include the figure and maybe try out some encaustic wax to the work as well.

I worked with a number of mixed media techniques to these pieces such as oil pastel, india ink, acrylic paint, collage of maps and newspapers, and colored ink. This work originally was acrylic paint on paper stretched and then I cut them up and glued them onto masonite board. This was a layering process to experiment with a range of collage and stencil processes.

I hope you enjoy-

Stain Glass & Paintings

These were acrylic paintings with stain glass light boxes created between 2001 to 2004. The frames have a light source from behind to illuminate the stain glass. I also included text that would also be displayed through the glass.

Stain Glass and Sculpture Prints

These works were created around 1999 through 2001 along with the sunflower transfer prints. I used a number of images photographed during a trip out to Europe in 1999. I started to become influenced by the designs within the stain glass as part of an extension to the photo transfers.